Connect, as the name implies, allows you to quickly connect with new acquaintances. Sharing contact information has never been easier. Connect is useful because it allows you to not only share phone numbers and email addresses but also to easily connect with people on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from one app, all at once.

People can download the app and make a profile. When they meet someone new, they can open up the app and search for their friends if they’re nearby. If they are and they have the app, the user can tap on their friend’s bubble and quickly access their contact information, and vice versa. You can add all numbers, emails, usernames, and handles to your contacts with a click of a button. Additionally, the app creates a custom note detailing where you two met, just in case you ever need a reminder. And if you want to friend, follow, or tweet at someone, the app takes you directly to the person’s respective profile so you can easily do so, eliminating the difficulty of searching for them yourself.

We used the trnql API to make all of this possible. Smart People was used to find nearby friends, so you can conveniently add the people you meet. Smart Location was used to display the location at which the user searches for people, keeping the user well informed and improving user experience. Smart Places was used to add a cute touch to our app with the “Where You First Met” note. If you ever need a reminder (which you sometimes do), the app will let you know that you met at your favorite coffee shop at 12 PM in January. Using the trnql API for location based services allows us to keep the app platform neutral. Instead of using Bluetooth or NFC, this way allows us to make an Android version in the future, allowing Android and iPhone users to Connect.

In the future, we plan on making a few changes to the app. We want to automate and streamline the friending/following/adding process. Instead of having the user open the app and physically go through the motions, we hope to eliminate that step by incorporating the APIs of other social media apps. So far we’ve begun with the incorporation of Twitter, and with more time we’ll be able to incorporate the rest. There are some security risks in the current design so we plan to add a feature where users have to request access to contact information. And, as mentioned before, we hope to expand to the Android platform as well. We might also add the ability to include more details, such as birthdays, nicknames, and addresses. Another feature we plan to add is the to pick and choose what details you share with what people.

Meeting people can be hard. Connecting with them shouldn’t be. Get the app and start Connecting today.

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