*Challenges Eligible for: Apigee, Boiler,Interactive Intelligence

Conjure makes a virtual canvas out of your real world and makes stuff appear out of thin air.

It allows you to change the boring objects and places around you into secret (actually not-so-secret) message placeholders. Find a spot you like, point your phone towards it, and scribble a message or a graffiti on your screen. Yes, it's that simple! Anyone who passes by the same spot can point their phone towards it and see what you left for them there.

Application Domains :

  1. Too possessive of your favorite spot ? Make sure everyone knows its yours
  2. Leave a piece of your creativity at a famous spot in the city and watch your friends burn with envy.
  3. Let your parents be proud the walls in your room are so sober ! wink
  4. Scared of asking her out ? Leave a virtual note on her locker
  5. The days when treasure hunts needed tangible clues ? Whaaatttt ?
  6. Feel like you are the only one cares about a social cause. Go on a rampage and make sure it's the only thing people are able to read all around
  7. If you can think of something cooler, let us know !

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