With the rising costs of health care, more and more people need access to an affordable health care solution. Competition lowers pricing in almost all industries, and health care should be no different. We believe that a decentralized platform where providers and patients can negotiate prices can achieve this.

What it does

Congruence offers providers a platform to offer services or products to potential buyers. These services take the form of tokens that can be offered up for various price points by providers. Patients can then visit the exchange and purchase the right to these services using ethereum.

How we built it

We built this solution on top of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, while utilizing the 0x protocol to facilitate the logging / execution of orders. Our front end was built utilizing the React.js library. We also designed a fake data API to help deliver 0x protocol data to our front-end while we were waiting on the blockchain pieces of our project to be completed. Once the blockchain pieces were complete, this API was replaced with an API that directly integrated with the 0x / web3 protocols.

Challenges we ran into

-A big challenge was separating our work in a way that we could all work simultaneously. It was difficult for us to divide work up when we were all trying to build something as quickly as possible. -Unfortunately the environments surrounding the 0x protocol presented us with quite a few challenges during the hackathon. However, once we finally figured out the right package & library version combination, things worked themselves out and we enjoyed working with the protocol.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're especially proud of our integration of the 0x protocol into our project. We came into this hackathon with no knowledge of 0x and despite all of the environmental issues that plagued us, we ended up with a working product that successfully integrated the protocol in a useful way.

What we learned

-Our team felt like we learned a great deal about the 0x protocol and we're really excited to use this technology in our future work. -One of our team members had never designed an API before. By the end of the hackathon he had successfully learned how to design a JSON API that worked directly with web3 javascript calls.

What's next for Congruence

Congruence has a few items that we'd like to design next. -Counter offers for services being offered. -Bulk purchasing for larger scale buyers -Exchanging of Congruence tokens with Congruence tokens, instead of requiring ethereum to be involved.

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