Congress elections are coming up.

I knew this, but I realized I had little to no idea who my congress people were. More than that I didn't have a great understanding of how congress itself worked aside from making laws and whatnot. I did not like the fact that I didn't know these things.

A quick google search gave me a bunch of sites overloaded with data, or sites that were difficult to navigate for someone without much initial knowledge of congress. Essentially I could not find any sites where I could very easily get the basic information on my congress people. So I figured I'd make a site for this.

CongressWhat allows you to browse the congress people of any state. You can see their basic information as well as their campaign finance data, in order to give you a rundown of who they are and who supports them. It is made to be simple and intuitive, so that anybody can easily learn the basics about who represents them.

Check it out!

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