The Congrats add-on lets you celebrate a variety of occasions with your team members, friends and work colleagues. Users can send wishes and a personal note for birthdays, work anniversaries and more. Upcoming occasions can be displayed with the Congrats macro in a carousel. This carousel can be parameterized to show, for example, the birthdays for the next 3 days or last week.

congrats macro

The administrator can add and manage as many occasions as needed. They can specify how often occasions occur and the relevant time intervals. The upcoming occasions are displayed, based on the personal profile data of each user.


  • lets Confluence users send personal wishes to each other
  • occasions are based on personal profile data
  • wishes will be sent as an email and shown in the Confluence workbox as a notification
  • Congrats macro offers a wide variety of parameters to customize the view
  • a complete REST API to import user profile data from external data sources

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