We wanted to build a specialize marketplace where hackers could buy and sell machine learning algorithms. Some of our team has built and trained machine learning models and would love for other hackers around the world to put them to good use.

What it does

Thus, CongoAI was born. Sellers of machine learning models can upload their work to CongoAI, where hackers from all over the world can purchase them. What seperates CongoAI from the pack is that it automatically creates RESTful endpoints on the models uploaded to the store, allowing potential buyers to test it out before purchasing.

How we built it

We built CongoAI using Vue.js, Node.js and MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

We had to overcome many challenges along the way, including learning to use MongoDB, uploading and hooking up machine learning models on our store, and using Vue.js to make our UI smooth and reactive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were successfully able to a build an online store that allows sellers to sell their algorithms and buyers to buy them. We think that's pretty cool!

What we learned

We learned about using mongoose as a backend, and how to hook up Python endpoints with Dynatrace software!

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