We were inspired from the game Undertale

What it does

In this game, you play as a knight, who was hero to the forest, until you lost your memory due to a falling tree. Try to interact with things and fight enemies to help take back the forest

How I built it

We used the Unity game engine to make this game, chiptune to make some of the music, to make the sound effects, and piskelapp to make the artwork.

Challenges I ran into

One of the biggest challenges we ran into was trying to keep this all in one Unity scene. Originally we wanted to have each boss fight it's own Unity scene, but that ended up being a bad idea, so we just had to keep it all in the same scene. We did this by having everything that was needed in the fighting scene under the overworld scene, so when a fight would start, we would just hide everything in the overworld scene, and vis versa. The overworld map was made using a tilemap and a bunch of line colliders. The shop and character creation were mainly made using UI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Although the game isn't finished, this felt very polished for what we had which was nice

What I learned

We learned how to make a text engine using Unity and textmeshpro, and how to use UI elements

What's next for Confused Knight

Probably more boss fight and lore

Built With

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