The inspiration was reinterpreting the word "augment".

What it does

Our website has two challenges - if you don't complete them quickly enough, it devours your memory and opens countless tabs!

How we built it

Using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a lot of hope.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to attempt to exploit a loop-hole in chrome where another command could be run very quickly after the user clicks the 'close tab' button. This was to prevent the user from manually closing the tab so they're forced to do our challenge! But unfortunately, the newer version of chrome has fixed this.

We made the mistake of creating separate css pages - so blending them to get consistent web pages was difficult.

We we're going to add an alternative escape method for those not up to the challenge (a pop-up tab where you could choose to exit), but this caused some conflicts in the code. The button in the pop-up block to exit the page also worked on some computers, but not others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managing to collaborate and each do our part. One of our members managed to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS with no experience. The very fancy navbar!

What we learned

Three new languages and how to collaborate on Github!

What's next for Confused

Hopefully to realise our vision! -Fixing up the last couple of bugs in the multiplying tabs.

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