Sometimes it can be hard to speak up in a class when something is confusing.

Professors need to know which subjects are difficult for his students so he can clarify or elaborate in more depth.

Confusd allows for easy and anonymous feedback so that students can respond and the professor can learn what is confusing his students.

The core functionality is that students simply click a button when confused. The professor then can see how many students are confused. They don't need to focus on the site, an alert sound will play when the threshold number of students is passed.

Besides the basic number, the professor can set specific keywords, such as “Generics, Loops, Recursion” for an intro CS class. Students can pick between them, allowing the professor to know what the issue is.

This is easier than iclicker questions because the professor doesn't have to think to set them up.

Teachers, how to set up a class:

  1. Click the "Creating a class?" button.

  2. Fill in the Class Name, Alert Threshold, and a comma separated list of keywords.

  3. Lecture as normal, observe the bar graph of keywords if desired. Feel free not to focus on the page, it will play an alert sound if the threshold is passed.

  4. When class is done, click the end class button.

Students, how to submit confusion:

  1. From main page, click the class or type it in.

  2. Select checkboxes.

  3. Submit.

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