I looked into what Forge can be used for and started working on a simple app that used the content of a Confluence page.

What it does

Counts the number of words on a Confluence page. Due to the complicated json output from the REST api, for some pages it is slightly inaccurate, however tested on blog posts with it works. I decided on this idea because many word editors, like Google Docs, allows you to count the words on the document rather than using another website. It's easier especially if you need to reach or stay under a certain number of words.

How I built it

I used some Forge tutorials to start and then moved on to analyzing the content of the Confluence page. One of the biggest difficulties in this was that since Forge is in beta, there are few answers for how to use it and how to figure out different error messages online.

This was just a way to get acquainted with Confluence and Forge and learn how to integrate the two.

In order to use it you would need the same dependencies listed on this example page, and use forge create, forge deploy, and forge install on your own Confluence Atlassian cloud server. The actual app is accessed via the three dots in the top right of Confluence pages

To test it out without installing on your own page, go to the atlassian link at the bottom, go to Confluence and then 'Word count test' and see the option at the bottom of the three dots settings to count words.

Built With

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