Often when working with software, we find ourselves navigating between Jira issues and dozens of related Confluence pages distributed across different spaces: how to handle different issues, how to respond to clients, or looking for test environments data, just to name a few. We thought that it can, and should be automated, so it led to creating this app.

What it does

This app integrates creating and displaying Confluence pages into Jira, allowing for a smooth workflow. No need for jumping between context related documentation and Jira issues anymore!

How we built it

First, we brainstormed as many ideas as we could. There were many good ones, so it was painful to decide which one to develop. We decided to select the one that had many potential use cases and that integrates two great tools that we use in our daily work: Jira and Confluence. Then we used the Atlassian Connect framework, with atlaskit library for UI, prepared the graphics, video, tried the solution out ourselves, done some corrections to it, and once we were satisfied with it, we published it here.

Challenges we ran into

One of first and challenging problems that we had to deal with, was how to properly display confluence page, preserving confluence styles, and if possible, macros output.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we've created something so simple yet so powerful, which looks to us like a missing piece between Jira and Confluence.

What we learned

Cooperation is the key component for building anything successful.

What's next for CoJi - Confluence Pages for Jira

This is just a start for CoJi. Our MVP only shows a glimpse of what's possible, and we'll be working on delivering more exciting features.

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