While using confluence documentation, we used to use checklists to create a status page. However, one has to explicitly update these checklists once the task is completed. In most of the cases, we have these tasks in Jira. So it would be great if we can automatically pull up that data to display here

What it does

In this hack, we have created a confluence macro, which automatically pulls up Jira task status and displays as a table. When there is change in the status of Jira issue, the status in the table changes automatically after a refresh of page. Developers and Program managers need not change the status in two different places

How I built it

This was built using Forge tool set. We have used Confluence Macro template along with Jira APIs to get issue information The source code of the same is shared in Public Github repo

What I learned

We learnt how to build a confluence macro using Forge toolset. It is a really simple way to build apps, specially if one comes from React background

What's next for Confluence Jira checklist

One addition we wanted to add here was to have an overall completion status based on the count of completed and remaining story points. In this way the macro can be a complete package of status update

Built With

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