I wanted to build some free useful plugin for Confluence for a long time, Codegeist Hackaton gave me an extra motivation.

What it does

Confluence Admin Notes provides Confluence administrators with an ability to put notes right in Confluence Administration area.

Its goals are:

  • to improve collaboration between Confluence administrators
  • to ease maintenance
  • to simplify deployment You can add notes to the plugins that are installed in your system.

All the data is stored in JSON file in Confluence Home directory. It can be copied from one instance to another.

How I built it

Created during several weekends so it will not interfere with my main job activities.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of time, to build even more functionality. Had to test with the widest range of Confluence versions I could handle to make the plugin useful to more people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hey, I'm on Atlassian Marketplace, it's really awesome! And I've also got the demo video on YouTube with subtitles in 4 languages.

What I learned

One person with limited time can do such a big impact on many other people's lives. You can do it too, either Atlassian Marketplace or other stores, it is real!

What's next for Confluence Admin Notes

Ability to add even more notes. Managing plugins is the main job for administrator, but there are other areas that might also need a hint or two.

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