We wanted to create something that could help people during the current quarantine situation. In this case, we focus on helping those who cannot go out because they belong to a category of people with the highest health risk.

What it does

It helps people in need to find some volunteer that can go shopping for them, and also it allows other people to offer themselves as volunteers. There are two sections in the main page. In the section of signing up as a volunteer, you must indicate your name, the neighborhood of the city where you live, an email and a phone number. When completing the form, all this information is inserted into the database. In the search for help section, we can find a map that we have made with the google maps API, and it shows the closest supermarkets to the user's location. Also, below this map you can see the volunteers and their contact information.

How I built it

We have used HTML and CSS for the frontend. We have a Microsoft Azure SQL database and the backup has been done with node.js to be able to do the inserts and selects. We have also used google cloud to be able to show the map with supermarkets near the user's location.

Challenges I ran into

We did not have much knowledge on how to backend so, with the help of a mentor, we finally managed to do the inserts and selects correctly. We were unable to display in the corresponding HTML file the results of the selects that were in a json file and that is why the sample of volunteers is not really implemented correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud that it has finally been possible to perform the backend and to be able to perform the inserts correctly. We are also proud to have done a clean design.

What I learned

We have learned to use Node.JS since we have never used it before. We have also learned how to successfully connect to an Azure database in Node.JS.

What's next for Confinemarket

We would like the operation of displaying volunteers to be correct and displaying the data that is saved in the sql database.

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