configur8 aims to bring the world of retro computers to you at home! At first, I wanted to make an app that would show older computers to scale to give users a sense of how massive old mainframes used to be, but I decided that a unique AR display of computer history would be more interesting.

What it does

configur8 shows users pivotal moments from computing history using an augmented reality display. In this version, the app shows the NEAC, a Japanese computer responsible for train schedules; PDP-1, an MIT computer for which one of the first video games, Spacewar!, was created, and a still image from one of the most revolutionary demonstrations in computer science. All images are linked to hand-drawn marker images representing the spirit of the 1960's.

How we built it

configur8 was built using Unity and Vuforia, with builds available for PC and Android (in progress).

Challenges we ran into

After building other successful apps for Android with Unity in the past week, the Unity version installed on my computer suddenly decided to become incompatible with the Android SDK. I am still working on downloading that now...However, I was able to demonstrate the augmented reality image recognition in the linked video.

Built With

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