ConfiForms. Confluence Forms & Workflows

ConfiForms plugin helps you to create custom data entry forms and scaffold data capturing applications with workflows, in Confluence.

Email captured forms, workflows and JIRA integration, calendars, surveys, polls, bulletin boards, employee checklists, inventory forms, forms for voting, feedback forms, just to name a few.

ConfiForms, plugin for Confluence is much more than just data forms!

Dynamic data entry forms for Confluence made easy and fast! Create custom data entry forms for your business needs with ConfiForms.

  • Data is stored on your server. You have the data you own and fully control it.
  • Many ways to show your data: as tables, cards, wysiwyg with filters, ordering, sorting, aggregation.
  • Highly customisable to fit your needs and requirements with no programming skills needed.
  • 35+ field types
  • Full audit of changes when you need it.
  • Integrated with Confluence permissions model, fine grained access up to field level
  • Send emails, create JIRA issues, notifications, create pages & workflows based on the data entered
  • Fully integrated with Confluence chart macro
  • No browser plugins are required.
  • Customer driven plugin development

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