confide: A CLI utility that syncs config files

  • api: HTTP JSON API written with Node, Express, and MongoDB
  • cli: C++ utility written with libcurl and nlohmann/json


First, run the API server:

cd api
npm install
npm run start

Then, to run the CLI:

cd cli

API Dependencies

  • bcrypt - password hashing
  • express - webserver
  • moment - date formatting
  • mongodb - database (requires mongodb server to be installed)
  • mongoose - modeling for MongoDB
  • node and npm

CLI Dependencies

  • libcurl - interacting with API
  • nlohmann/json - JSON object interaction (.hpp included in cli/)

CLI Options

    • LOG: login to an existing user profile
    • REG: create a new user
  • LS: list files associated with the currently logged in user
  • VC: view contents of a file
  • DL: Download a config file from the server
  • UP: Upload a config file to the server. If the file has not been uploaded before, a profile for the config will be created
  • EXIT: Exit CLI

API Structure

  • GET /listconfs/:json: List names of configs associated with a user profile
    • Input: {username, password}
    • Output: {result, [name]}
  • GET /config/:json: Get info associated with a config profile
    • Input: {username, password, name}
    • Output: {result, name, created, modified, content}
  • POST /addconfig: Add a config to a user's profile. If a config with that name already exists, update its contents
    • Input: {username, password, name, path, content}
    • Output: {result}
  • POST /deleteconfig: Delete a config from a user's profile
    • Input: {username, password, name}
    • Output: {result}
  • POST /newuser: Create a new user profile
    • Input: {username, password, email}
    • Output: {result}
  • GET /validuser/:json: Check if a user with a specific username and password exists
    • Input: {username, password}
    • Output: {result}

Tools Used

  • Postman - for testing API calls
  • Robo3T - for interacting with MongoDB
  • Vim, VS Code - editors
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