Confeedence is a simple app that allows you to easily build conference landing pages. It is built on top of the WhenHub's API as an entry for the WhenHub Hackathon.

Confeedence was built by Tibor Kranjčec and Mihael Konjević in ClojureScript, using the Keechma Framework.

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Confeedence is using the following API endpoints:

Confeedence allows users to customize the look of the landing page (change colors), and to define number of conference tracks. Since the schedule API doesn't allow custom fields, we're (ab)using the schedule tags as a primitive key/value store.

Confeedence implements three different event types:

  • Event
  • News
  • Talk

It's using custom fields to store different data for each one of them. For instance talk has the following custom fields:

  • Description
  • Speaker Name
  • Speaker Bio
  • Speaker Photo URL
  • Track

Since we wanted to ensure that the data created through Confeedence app looks good in WhenHub, we compile all of this data and generate the HTML that gets stored in the (built-in) description field.

Built With

  • clojurescript
  • keechma
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