Search inside videos, catch the smallest educational content

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We all have used Youtube videos to help us get through coursework time to time. Well why not ?, videos are great resources to get knowledge from.

On the other hand, It is extremely difficult to search for quality educational content online, particularly from Youtube. When I wanted to search some concept or term, I would hope to get all of the information I could. However, that is not really possible though, because the content maker would not place appropriate description, so I would just skip it without knowing what I was missing.

Youtube search is solely based on description,title,keywords, but they are all broad information! How can a paragraph describe 10 minute video for god's sake ?

So, I thought, Why not make a web app that searches the actual content in the video ? I made this a reality at Hack the North (#hellyeah). All my app does that it fetches youtube urls, converts it to mp3s, downloads it, and uses to recognize the audio file to make it searchable. (For the sake of demos and API limits, Confana analyzes 10 seconds of the video, for now :) )

THAT'S LITERALLY ALL I DID, and this simple app will be solving my studying problems, hacking is beautiful!

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