Conext is a natural approach to natural conversations. Conext is live video texting — without the sound! Your friends and family can connect and text with you more than ever.

With a declining usage of phone calls and the rise of texting, social media apps are growing rapidly. Nonetheless, humans have always sought more means to communicate, whether it be through messenger, mail, and even phone calls. Unfortunately, texting has reduced our face-to-face time. On the other hand, other social media has allowed us more windows into the lives of our friends. Along the way, we’ve lost the natural human connection and communication. Our solution is a texting and video app that increases flexibility by removing one feature — audio.

With audio out of the equation, Conext allows you to foster the face-to-face connection with friends and family while also embracing the face-paced modern world. Instead of having to step out of a class to take a call from a loved one, you can still watch them react to your messages. Reminiscent of passing notes in class to friends, Conext embraces human connections. Likewise, instead of the inconvenience of loud noises and crowds, such as on public transportation, Conext is still the choice application instead of other popular alternatives. In addition Conext releases on both Android as well as a web application.

Conext transforms simple communication into a rich, unified experienced for users, and those around them.


  • ONE-TO-ONE EXPERIENCE: Unlike other popular social media platforms, Conext emphasizes the connection between individuals, whether thats between you and your loved ones, or perhaps random, new friends.
  • TEXT & LIVE VIDEO: The primary focus of Conext is communication. Our app will convey your smiles and giggles without an interruption.
  • FRIENDS & FAMILY: Of course, adding and finding friends is simple and efficient. After adding someone, simply


Several APIs and SDKs were frugal providing documentation, while others provided examples that weren't complete. After trudging through pages of Google results, we attempted to pick and choose features from our partially complete successes.

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