• idea of staying connected (Co-NET-ed (; pun intended) during COVID
  • many people primarily tried to stay connected through virtual games, so we wanted to change it up by making this a physical game to reduce screen time
  • play against a friend(or more multiplayers) remotely with real time score updates as if you were together in person
  • stay connected as you play mini basketball together in the safety of your own homes
  • creative, DIY! anyone can build their own at home if they have string, a wire (ex: notebook spiral, paper clip, etc.), cardboard, a ball (we used ping pong balls), and an arduino kit.

What it does

  • simulates a mini basketball arcade game that isn't on a screen, using ping pong balls
  • first person to 10 points wins
  • green light means go, red light means stop
  • real-time updates on scores (i.e. player 1 and player 2 go against each other in real time, seeing their own score and each other's scores on LCD display)
  • after one player hits 10 points: buzzer sound goes off, red light blinks, congratulations message goes off in LCD screen --> whole system resets back to 0 pts and green light turns on again for the next game.

How we built it

  • using cardboard, ping pong balls, string, a note book spiral and paper clip, arduino kit
  • hardware side built their own little basketball game, while software side dealt with transferring data in real time and developing arduino code.
  • while game is going, ultrasonic sensor from below the hoop will sense a ball directly dropped down (adding a point to that player)

Challenges we ran into

  • arduino code not working
  • difficult to communicate what's wrong on hardware's end vs. simulated TinkerCAD version

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • the game actually works! the buzzer goes off at 10 pts, the ultrasonic sensor reads the ball when it drops through the hoop, the ramp and boundaries were successfully designed to keep the ping pong balls within the project vicinity and returning
  • completing a difficult circuit!
  • attended our first hackathon (:

What we learned

  • learned Arduino coding
  • learned about general overview of CS and the different coding languages

What's next for CoNET

  • we plan on attending more Hackathons and putting the skills we learned from this one to use

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