A responsive webapp to quickly gauge whether an athlete has suffered a concussion using a King Devick Test. To use this test, establish a benchmark time taken during a time when an individual has not possibly suffered head trauma. Then, after a hit to the head, this test can be used. Compare the results of the test. If the user's time has increased by five seconds or more, there is a significant chance that the user has suffered a concussion, or other serious head injury.

Getting Started

The following sections describe installation of Concussr


Download or clone repository. Install Python 3 and pip 3.


Type the following code:

pip install --user --requirement requirements.txt

Or, if Python3 (and pip3) are not the default versions on your machine:

pip3 install --user --requirement requirements.txt

Use the generated address to view the site.

Built With

  • Flask - A Microframework, for generating HTML from python
  • Jinja2 - A templating language
  • HTML, CSS & Javascript (Bootstrap) - Front end
  • Mozilla - Voice recognition web API



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