Concussions is a growing concern, especially among athletes. Nearly 3.8 Million people suffered from concussion in the United States in 2012, and they have doubled over the last decade according to CDC reports. It's early detection is crucial since it can lead to long -term brain damage if not addressed early on. This inspired us to come up with a simple solution that can detect concussion.

How we Built it

We built upon OpenCV to track the patient's pupils. We show the users a video, around 60-90 sec in length, of a red dot rotating along a circle and ask them to focus on the dot. During this, we track the gaze of the user using the front camera of the phone. Comparing our recordings with the ideal gaze movement will help us detect concussion.


All of us are new to android development. So we faced a lot of issues debugging the app.


We are proud of being able to bring together a proof of concept android app withing the limited time, with no prior experience.

What we learnt

We learnt a lot on android development and concussions.

Built With

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