This hackathon was themed toward football. One major issue in football today is concussions. We realize that not every football player is a professional athlete who has access to medical professionals at any given time. The issue of concussions is also very serious when left untreated, as many of those who suffer from concussions can develop long-term brain damage. We want to make diagnosis of concussions easy and readily available to anyone.

What it does

It uses a tag system based off of common concussion symptoms. Users select these tags, which have different weights associated with them based upon research conducted from multiple credible source. The app then let's the user know how likely they are to have a concussion. Intended for users who have recently had head injuries.

How we built it

This app's foundation is built on javascript for easy UI manipulation. It uses an algorithm we designed based on multiple sources of reliable symptom data to determine a user's likelihood of having a concussion.

Challenges we ran into

Our primary collaboration tool as a team of four was GitHub. Since the work we were doing commonly occurred in the same files, we had to deal with many merge conflict issues. Another issue was trying to learn how the Google Maps API's worked to retrieve user location data. We ran into issues because our app was not being hosted on an SSL certified server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Learning more about how the Google API's work and interact with each other.
  • Using GitHub / Git to efficiently collaborate as a team.

What we learned

  • How to collaborate on a team project using Git.
  • How to better navigate the Google API's
  • What a hackathon experience is like!

What's next for Concussion Checker

Seeing as we really enjoyed working as a team to develop this highly useful tool, we would really like to continue working in an environment like this in the future. I think it would be neat to incorporate more useful AI and machine learning API's to help bring more advanced features to the app. Another thing we thought would be interesting is to add a transportation option, specifically Uber or Lyft, because we determined that in an Urban area an Uber driver is much cheaper and could possibly reach you faster than an emergency medical service could. It is also dangerous to drive with a concussion.

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