ConCom, or ConnectionCommunity is inspired by the simplicity of early imageboard sites. ConCom features anonymity by default and allows users to post a variety of file types (modifiable) in threads, and grants administrators a tremendously powerful set of tools to moderate content.

What it does

ConCom allows users to create boards associated with a topic or community, and post different types of files (images, videos, zip files, pdfs)

How I built it

ConCom was built using the LynxChan backend, and features a completely unique front-end. The front-end was built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and uses the LynxChan API.

The Android application takes advantage of a modular imageboard browser app called DashChan to which I had to write an extension for ConCom to work.

Challenges I ran into

Configuration of NGINX and Matomo (our analytics platform) can be a bit complicated however, I not only powered through my challenges, but also documented the whole process for future projects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think it's extremely interesting building off of, and implementing pre-existing backends to serve you for your own project, I think ConCom is a really interesting project and proof of concept.

What I learned

My skills with NGINX, PHP module configuration, and Android Studio all improved.

What's next for ConCom, Community and Communication

A ReactNative application that would grant cross compatibility to iPhones, I would likely fork a pre-existing application like Clover or Kuroba and modify it to work with LynxChan backend based imageboards.

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