No one likes to sit at the gate waiting for their flight. Many people would rather sit at a cafe or shop at a book store at the airport in the time between their arrival at the airport and their flight's departure.

While smartphones are common, cell phones are ubiquitous. Using existing flight intelligence APIs, automated SMS alerts can be sent to people waiting for their flight, freeing them to roam and shop in the airport.

How it works

Concierge sends text alerts to airline ticket holders, alerting them of changes to their flight and gate, notifying them when they need to come to the gate, and where they can pick up their bags when they land.

By knowing where passengers will be sitting, each passenger can get a unique alert, building a virtual queueing system that beckons them to board the plane in at the right time for their place on the flight.

In addition, the airline has the capability to communicate with all of their passengers. Passengers who are late or need special assistance can be contacted directly.

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