The "help me button" for bricks-and-mortar, ConciAir will connect customers and sales advisers in way never before possible. Never lose a sale because you didn't know they needed help.

When a customer walks in the door to your store, iBeacons installed at the entrance kick start the ConciAir app. It welcomes the shopper back to the store by name and then waits patiently, letting your customer browse in peace until they want some service. When they do, they simply press the assistance bell.

Using next generation iBeacon technology, which is highly accurate indoors and extremely low energy so can be always listening, ConciAir works out what department the customer is in. It then creates a case in the Salesforce1 Service Cloud and notifies the local Sales Advisory team via Chatter.

An Advisor gets the chatter message via the Salesforce1 app on their mobile. Details include who needs their help and precisely where they are. Using Salesforce1 the advisor discovers more details about the customer even as they are en-route to find them. Before the advisor says hello he will know what the customer looks like, their purchase history, buying choices and more – creating the ultimate customer experience.

We got the idea at 4pm on Monday. Salesforce1 and the mobile SDK allowed us to execute in just 20 man hours!

App requires iPhone4S or better. Code:

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