My fingers hurt from typing a lot so I'd rather use something else that's more convenient like my voice. It's also more fun!

What it does

Change directory, list directory content, echo voice and more in the terminal using just your voice!

How I built it

We used Python's Speech Recognition library to feed audio data to Google Web Speech Recognition's API and use the returned data as runtime parameters for our Conch A.I. hosted by Wit.AI which interprets the intent of your command and attempts to execute the appropriate command.

Challenges I ran into

Had to learn python, implement python's voice recognition libraries, utilize Wit.AI's natural language intent system and handle the callbacks correctly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Made a voice-controlled terminal work! Kinda! It's a start, okay?

What I learned

Python and everything else in the "Built With" Section :D

What's next for Conch Shell


  • Made by Chet and John
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