Kygo had a show with wristbands that flashed in time with the music. This was freaking awesome, but we can do so much more with rich data.

What it does

Concerted is an extremely fast, low-latency realtime platform for building interactive art and media that can respond to the energy and activity of crowds, using both IOT devices and smartphones for data sourcing.

How we built it

Elixir, Phoenix, and web. Bluetooth connectivity is planned.

Challenges we ran into

Minimizing the latency and adjusting for time drift, to be as close to realtime and in sync as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works, it's actually fast / low latency, it's easy to build on.

What we learned

Phoenix Presence is hyphy af.

What's next for Concerted

$$$ that Outside Lands partnership, fam $$$

Built With

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