Being a musician with my brothers we would often want to catch the drums sticks or picks that the musicians would throw into the audience, and we'd save anything we could from the concerts. People love having memorabilia from their favorite artists.

What it does

While viewing live concerts on virtual reality, you can buy items like guitars, drums, microphones, clothes, and anything else that the artists decides through the blockchain.

How we built it

React VR, ethereum blockchain, meta mask, alexa, aws

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing a working blockchain, alexa skills, and staying up all freaking night

What we learned

How to build in VR, blockchain, and extended our skills with Alexa

What's next for ConcertBilia

Launch the live portion of concerts and VR and associate the bands with the items on the blockchain as the original owners of their products.

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