Our biggest inspiration is our love for travel and music.

What it does

Concert Fly makes the concerts of your favourite artists available to you via a click and a safe and pleasant travel.

How we built it

By carefully putting together a few seemingly unrelated APIs while balancing between the smooth user experience, business value and clean architecture. Throughout the whole process we were looking forward to building an app we would want to use ourselves.

Challenges we ran into

Getting all the information needed for building the app from heterogenous sources and consolidating it was a big challenge. Also, we had to be mindful of not spending too much time focusing on details.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The results of our weekend-long marathon not only met, but exceeded our expectations. We have ended up with an app we will certainly use ourselves! What else could we wish for? :)

What we learned

Flight and Music APIs, and rapid integration of microservices.

What's next for Concert Fly

Sound and mutually profitable partnerships with Finnair and Spotify, rapid growth of the app, pure joy for the app users.

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