I have been thinking about this idea for a long time and this hackathon provided me with the appropriate environment to actually implement this.

What it does

It is a web application that provides students to join an online battle for regions in a real map. Users will be assigned a random unconquered location in the map. They can then explore and conquer new areas by battling with the owners through a quiz/code challenge.

It maintains a leader board from the current gold reserve of the player. Gold can be acquired by winning battles and collecting periodic revenues from owned regions.

How we built it

Server side code is built on express framework that works on top of the nodejs platform.

Client side code consists of Jquery and basic javascript.

Front End design is built with bootstrap library

Mongodb and mongoose are used for storing and accessing databases

d3.js for generating and populating maps

bcrypt.js for hashing passwords

Challenges we ran into

Populating the map with the proper location data

Conducting quizzes and transeferring data from one portal to another

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making an interactive map with real locations and populating it with data of user conquered regions

Making a completely dynamic web app that provides customized experiences to the users.

Being consistently productive for about 24hrs straight without sleep.

What we learned

Time management skills in competitions like this

Complete APIs for storing and manipulating data.

Interactive pages for the users

What's next for Con-Quiz

We are planning to implement google map API for real life location data

Have a proper well defined game structure for calculating revenues

Implement code battles through 3rd party APIs

Partnering with companies to provide coupons and recharges in exchange for the gold(Bounty points)

It has been a great experience. We will like to thank Nagarro for the amazing opportunity. Cheers to the Management.

Thank You !

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