ComSafe originated amid the Covid-19 pandemic as we rarely interacted with our neighbors. We had no awareness of what was happening like how one of our neighbors left with minimal notice and there were lots of other things that we wouldn't know because there was a time when we could meet. I also took a little inspiration from Ring with their neighborhood maps and icons and such. I liked the Ring app but I thought it was lacking something so I made ComSafe which isn't just security.

What it does

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, neighbors all around the world are staying isolate and we are barely interacting. ComSafe came about to assist this fact, it helps the neighborhood by connecting people to one another and keeping the community safe and reliable. The idea about ComSafe is that it's “the neighborhood app” and that you can stay up to date on your neighborhood even if you are busy or just can't talk. ComSafe is also a great app for safety and having a better community. Let's talk about safety. In the app, you should be able to post things or pin the map so that you can inform your neighbors any plans and you can also ask for help or plan an event. Using the pin map feature you can easily start a birthday party or as for a shovel. You could also ask for assistance using the emergency or alert posts. As of now, there are neighborhood IDs so that a random person couldn’t join it. To get a neighborhood at the moment you’ll have to email the support team and they will make it for you if you provide the address and we will give an ID.

How I built it

We used bootstrap templates and basic Html and CSS and some JS for firebase to build ComSafe as it is right now.

Challenges I ran into

A challenge we ran into was when the account icon was too small and we couldn't make it bigger. Integrating a fully functioning map and feed to allow for communication between people.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of taking the website and adding multiple customized pages, including the account page with interactive maps and accounts page. Making the scale of everything flow well with the numerous frameworks coexisting

What I learned

We learned how to code some Html that we didn't know already. We learned how to manipulate templates that we found online and that trying to use more than one template is a pain. We are all also fairly new to Html and CSS so we had to use docs a lot and use tutorial videos. One of our members didn't even know HTML or CSS but he knew Java.

What's next for ComSafe

We plan on making a working login and password and we want it to be able so when you click on a map marker, it shows you who wrote the message. Expand on what it means to be a community and do research on future applications in all fields.


Since we haven’t set up sign ups yet, you will have to use the demo user:

Username: Password: password

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