Each of our group members has personal connections to helping those on the autism spectrum. We have seen the struggles that they face with getting jobs that provide them with a living, simply due to a lack of learning and practicing vocational skills. Because we are all aspiring to the tech, we want to be able to aid in the integration of these individuals in the tech industry, therefore, we chose to begin by exposing them to the principles of software testing.

What it does

This website has a collection of simplistic games that can be explored to the lense of a budding QA specialist. By purposefully providing faulty applications and features, users can perform a test case and identify the bugs through the test data life cycle.

How I built it

As we are all beginners with coding and have no experience with UI, we have created the backend and the prototype of the frontend without the implementation. The backend involves both java and Html which we have learned and expanded on in the past 24 hours and we created wireframes using adobe xd to present the functionality of the finished product.

Challenges I ran into

All 4 of our team members walked into this hackathon with little to no CS knowledge. Thus we spent the first 8 hours learning basic html and java, which was an inexpensive use of time. There were many challenges in learning a new language in such a short amount of time and communicating with the other team members. However, we understood that we entered this concept as beginners and tried our hardest to design our product to be as functional as possible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the fact that walking in to this hackathon, we had little to no knowledge of html and only basic java, but we were able to learn the necessary codes for this project and integrate them in. Two of our members were first time coders, who picked up new skills in java and html in the first couple of hours, and two of our members were acquainted with java but refined their skills further to make the best product we could in the given circumstances

What I learned

We came to our very first hackathon yesterday with no plan and minimal CS knowledge and we have taken away so much more than we set out to learn. We have crash coursed html and expanded on our basic java as well as learn how to implement UI through the advice we received from the mentors.

What's next for ComputeED

We plan on expanding the market towards schools, non-profits, and companies willing to expand their company’s diversity. We want to work on creating more complex levels for the users to progress, so they can get the best learning experience out of this [roduct and be able to apply it to jobs in the real world.

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