Waste sorting is a process that has been around for centuries. The goal is to divide wastes into different categories in order to reduce waste and improve recycling and composting to have a cleaner and livable environment for present and future generations. However, a lot of people have been struggling to distinguish between different categories of sorting that their city has provided for them in public. This confusion has caused people to put their trash into whatever category which can result in endangering the environment. Personally, I always have difficulty in knowing which trash bin I'm supposed to put my trash in. To solve this dilemma, I have made this project that recognizes your waste and sorts it into its corresponding category.

What it does

Compsotify provides an Incentivised platform for you to encourage recycling via incentives. It provides you with points on recycling items, and also a monthly goal to recycle enough items. It also utilizes AI technology to identify items that can or cannot be recycled. Finally, it also gives you location of trusted recycling plants around you

How I built it

Using Google's Inception V3 and compostnet

Challenges I ran into

Its hugely problematic to run training without proper cloud clusters. I could only do it because of mya access to one of them. Also had trouble with a lot of python packages and time constraints

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Its running! Detecting them properly

What I learned

Never trust old python libraries and dependencies. And also.....get a team in hackathon...and not miss deadline

What's next for Compstify

Inception V5 Feedback Loop get the compost locations dynamically

Built With

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