I volunteer for RadicalXChange, figured I'd make a way to take crypto donations, and the non-custodial Coinbase Commerce seemed like a good fit and trusted UI (Coinbase SSL cert on checkout).

Long term vision would like to make the interest earned on those donations fund a CLR grant matching pool.

What it does

-connects to the rDAI dapp to allow people to stake (we are now listed on their smart contract on Rinkeby) []

-backend UI for Admin Management (since its impossible to add to the Coinbase Commerce UI) [ ,]

How I built it

Caffeine and cigarettes

Challenges I ran into

Coinbase Commerce is built to only forward USDC to addresses from generated seed phrases, was able to work with their team to integrate the create2 fowarder contracts to flush tokens to our smart contracts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working compound finance implementation.

What I learned

Bob Ross Positive Energy goes a long way.

What's next for Compound Commerce

Integrate more fully with rDai once they are live on Mainnet to let people change hats with one button click; try to get this built into default way for RxC to safely take crypto donations.

Built With

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