One of the best ways households can help reduce waste is by composting their wet waste instead of simply trashing it. Composting can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by keeping landfills from filling up. Also, composting is great for farmers and gardeners because it helps reduce the need for chemical substances used in croplands. Composting is great addition to any gardener's toolkit, or simply a nice way to help the environment. While children may not have the ability to build compost heaps by themselves, they can still help out.

What it does

Composty is a kid-friendly app that children can use when they want to throw something away, but aren't sure if it is compostable or not. After opening the app and being introduced to the composting mascot, Conrad Bear, users can learn about composting, get help with what to compost and what to trash, or simply check on their new mascot friend. This encouraging environment and child-friendly UI is appealing to the target audience and will make composting fun.

How I built it

I used Android Studio with Java to build the app. The design was done with .xml and the art was drawn in GIMP.

Challenges I ran into

While I initially wanted to integrate Google Cloud Vision API as a form of compost/non-compost identification on the app into the project, I ran into some issues running that portion of the app, and it ended up getting scrapped. Hopefully this can be an addition in the future!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is my first time using Android Studio, and I'm proud that I was able to create an app (that runs!) in such a small amount of time!

What I learned

I learned about:

  • Android Studio
  • Composting
  • .xml design

What's next for Composty

Definitely Google Cloud Vision API integration in place of a link to identify compostable items!

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