We got inspired by the unimaginable amount of food waste left to go to waste on school campuses, restaurants, and households. As avid users of the convenient delivery app Postmates, we believed that composting can be that easy too.

What it does

Our application makes the act of being environmentally conscious as easy as possible: allowing for at-home compost pickup by designated "picker-uppers" through a streamlined website and mobile app. The "picker-uppers" will have routes calculated for them.

How we built it

We wanted to challenge ourselves to learn a new skill, so we chose Django as our web framework for our idea. Since Google Cloud was offered for free, we attempted to take advantage of the route calculator for the picker-uppers.

Challenges we ran into

Because we were unfamiliar with Django, initiating the project was time-consuming (due to going through the tutorial to learn the structure as well as running into many bugs). Attempting to utilize the Google Maps API was also uncharted territory for all the members of our team.

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