'One person can't make a change ' 'I don't see the benefits'

We want to bring home tangible benefits of recycling biowaste, by introducing composting at home as a service.

What it is

We offer a composting starter package that enables people to experience the value of biowaste recycle, by creating and using their own compost.

It's targeted at sustainably minded people who are not yet into composting and want to try it out.

People in small homes can try a small indoor composting box. Owners of larger houses with gardens can opt for a lease on a bigger composting box.

You can directly see and use the results.

The package includes

  • a compost box
  • a usage manual
  • inspiring usage stories
  • seeds and a pot to grow a small home indoor herb garden

Ideation & decision process

We spent much time looking for a problem that was interesting to both us and L&T.

We started with discussing about issues concerning plastic recycling. We scrapped this idea because we learned plastic waste needs to be very clean. It is not profitable for L&T to collect, clean and recycle plastic for consumers. Only companies with standardized waste are interesting at the moment.

We eventually shifted to composting as a service as it seemed to have the most potential. It solves a consumer problem we have, namely that we're not seeing the effects of the environmental efforts that they do. On the other hand, L&T could lease and sell composting equipment as part of their educational branche.

Challenges in composting-as-a-service

Offering composting as a service in Finland has a number of inherent challenges:

  • It strongly varies how much compost people need.
  • Composting requires a warm atmosphere and is therefore only possible outside in summer or indoors.
  • It takes two years to get good-quality compost to use for plants on a large scale.
  • It can not fully replace regular biowaste in apartments. The volume of composting biowaste would be too big to manage.
  • In the case of a shared, communal composting bin there is an ownership and definition problem: waste is property of the municipality, but when does an item exactly become waste?

How we tackle the challenges

For apartments we offer small-scale compost bins. They are suitable to run a few low-effort experiments such as providing soil for a small herb garden in the kitchen.

Small, indoor composting bins compost faster (a matter of weeks). They are also cheaper and can be used next to normal biowaste.

What we learned

We discovered details on the complicated ecosystem of recycling.

We learned of the opportunities and challenges for direct composting in cities.

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