Toys-R-Us was one of our favourite places in the whole world. The endless creativity in simplistic toys, allowed us to explore our limitless imagination. Then it was gone. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused several companies like Toys-R-Us to shut down because of the significant financial losses faced by the businesses. Although this company is relatively large and has savings, many smaller businesses do not. Small businesses are constantly closing and owners are diving into financial debt. The livelihoods of these owners have been negatively impacted as more people tend to shop at larger stores. To combat this issue, we created TipTop.

What it does

TipTop allows users to support their local business. When looking for a product or service, customers use our search engine to find local shops that store the specific product or provide the service. After this step, the users are prompted to donate to the small shop, similar to tipping. The search engine takes the number of times a word has been searched and uses this data to send more prompts promoting the donation. TipTop’s goal is to improve small business owner’s financial state.

How we built it

We built a website that promotes our company and an app prototype.

Challenges we ran into

As beginners, we started this competition in hopes to gain new skills on artificial intelligence and coding. We watched youtube videos to learn how to create a website and a prototype app and were faced with several challenges along the way. Our biggest challenge was that we originally started off as 4 teammates and then ended with two. We struggled with learning how to complete the layout of our website, make it more user-friendly and more appealing. We also struggled with finding resources to create the app prototype. Although we faced many challenges, this was an amazing learning experience!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This weekend, we have accomplished creating our website, prototype and video. One of the greatest accomplishments we’re proud of is learning HTML. Along with this, we are also proud of learning how to create a website and format an app.

What we learned

HTML and how to use it to create a website How to create an app prototype How to implement a search engine

What's next for TipTop

Create a functional app on both apple and android.

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