George is a seasoned musician, yet he still struggles to translate music he hears or plays into corresponding sheet notes. We want to give everyone the ability to be a master composer even without an advanced knowledge of music theory.

What it does

The application visualizes musical notes in real time by listening for audio input through microphone and transcribing raw sound bytes into their corresponding sheet notes. The program visualizes notes, caches all notes in current session, and users will have the option to download the entire sheet music detailing all notes translated by the program.

How we built it

Using JavaScript and jQuery, we created the visual elements as well as improvements to Tuner API's existing algorithm.

Challenges we ran into

Algorithm does heavy computation in real time, therefore sometimes not very responsive and can lag a few milliseconds.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Functional prototype with generally (95%) accurate transcriptions.

What we learned

Vanilla javascript with jQuery is painful to write. Use a framework next time xD.

What's next for Composer.Me

Improvements to algorithm's accuracy, ideally being able to differentiate background noise. Make the notes to sheet music conversion more flexible that it can incorporable all 88 notes on the piano and possibly other instruments too. The notes will have more details(lines) based on the speed that the user plays. An implementation that allows the user to customize the tempo will also be available.

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