I wanted to show that this is possible and practical.

What it does

It's a way to see your HTM run. Take a look at the screencast!

How I built it

This has been low-hanging fruit for a few months, ever since I made ComportexViz work with remote HTMs, e.g. Comportex on the JVM. ComportexViz just receives instructions for what to draw, so we could totally swap a Python NuPIC server in place of the Clojure Comportex server. You can read my high-level ComportexViz design here.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It took 2 days to get the proof-of-concept working, synapses and all. I finished the screencast 6 days after starting this project. I think this helps make my case that this is practical.

I'm glad I found a way to make it fast. The way NuPIC works, I wasn't sure I'd find a way. The solution: redesign ComportexViz a little bit, so that toggling synapse-saving is part of using it.

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