Being an Electronics student or hobbyist, I always had a thought of getting a tester that could test almost anything "THE ELECTRONICS COMPONENTS, OBVIOUSLY!!"

What it does

So, here's what our Component Tester can test -

  1. Resistors
  2. Capacitors along with their Equivalent Circuit Resistance Value (ESR) 3. Inductors
  3. BJTs
  4. FETs - MOSFETs and JFETs
  5. Thyristors - SCRs and TRIACs
  6. IGBTs
  7. Diodes no the list doesn't end here.... it can test Voltage upto 50V, it has a FREQUENCY COUNTER and a FREQUENCY GENERATOR TOO :D you can also detect the IR Codes by simply putting a TSOP Sensor on its test pins.... isn't that great :D and yeah one thing i forgot to tell you guys it doesn't only detect the components it displays their respective values and properties too !!

How we built it

we built that using some basic electronic components and a microcontroller

Challenges we ran into

DEBUGGING THE MIGHTY CODE as it ran into some major errors.... but don't worry we made that perfect :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

HALLELUJAH...!! THE COMPONENT TESTER ACTUALLY WORKS :) yea but it still cannot test the power electronic stuff :/ not being sad on it the development for this universal component tester will be going on :)

What's next for Component Tester

maybe a bluetooth module to it so that tester becomes more compact and all the data could be displayed on your smartphone itself :)

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