Hack CU 8 Information

This project was not started from scratch. Some of the project had been worked on previously at the T9 Hackathon. For this hackathon, we:
-Allowed the physical keyboard to be used to enter input
-Improved the stats to track and display the history of how many attempts it took users to guess the complexify
-Added the short version of complexify
-Improved interface (made all buttons have the cursor pointer, added continue button at bottom of the instructions so scrolling up not needed) and instructions (added hints and all pictures from same equation/example)
-Added Google analytics to track how many people were using our site
-Allowed users to share their results for the day
-The day's progress is saved even on reload
-Made the "feedback" popup more friendly and readable
-Games and Entertainment
-Best UI/UX


We do volunteer tutoring for high school students. We see that the thing students struggle with the most is algebra. Most students understand the concept "what you do to once side you must do to the other", but we found that many students struggled to simplify expressions. We decided to make a fun game to help practice this skill.

What it does

Users must enter 10 "characters" that would simplify to the given prompt. After entering an equation that simplifies to the prompt equation, the "characters" will be color coded based on their correctness. Characters not in the final expression will remain grey. Characters in the correct expression will be green. All other characters are blue. Like Wordle, you can only play one a day so come back tomorrow to keep your streak!

How we built it

We used python to generate valid equations with 10 characters and then simplified them to come up with the prompts and the answers for the game. Then, we used standard web development (css, html, js) to create the frontend of the site.

Challenges we ran into

Checking that items entered simplified to the prompt posed some challenges. It was a bit difficult to check that equations that simplified to "x^2-2" were evaluated the same as "-2+x^2". We also wanted to make this game playable on the phone, so it took a lot of work to make the site legible on smaller screen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've created a fun game that is appropriately challenging and interesting to play. We also think it will be a lot of fun for students. You can try it yourself here: https://lel-15.github.io/Complexify/index.html

What we learned

We learned a lot about processing strings and expressions in Python and JS. We also learned how to make more dynamic and responsive pages.

What's next for Complexify

There are still a few items we would like to add to Complexify:
-Allow users to migrate history and stats between devices
-Get a real domain

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