Why we build COVID world map, statistics, and charts.

We are travelers, and we build the travel apps. Our first service was www.mynomadmap.com. But COVID 19 stopped all traveling activities worldwide. This was the reason why we decided to make an application for travelers showing them how dangerous is each country concerning COVID 19. Later we received positive feedback from our customers to extend the use of our data to any users. Our mission is to provide a reliable visual source of information about COVID 19 in each country in the form of maps and charts. We want also to provide our maps and charts to any partner, so they can easily embed them into their websites.

What it does

We are collecting the data from the various reliable sources like WHO, ECDC, and JHU-CSSE. Collected data differ from each other, and we are calculating the best possible values. We are building the database upon which we build our service. Our system also shows the actual world situation with color differentiation depending on the country's impact on COVID 19.

How we built it

Our team is composed of fully engaged team members, and each of them is eager to help as much as possible. Our team is dislocated in more countries, so we are used to working remotely. Since we have been working for more than three years on our main product - Pixarnia.com and later on travel applications, making a Coronavirus map was an easy problem. We are updating the map daily based on WHO data. Statistical data and processing the charts were a more complicated task. Though there are more Coronavirus data sources, those data are not consistent and require a regular cleaning process. We are processing gathered data and displaying them on the website. All front-end charts are built as an Embed, so we can easily incorporate them into any website.

Challenges we ran into

There are plenty of systems that show the COVID data in any form. Our challenge is to be the most complex source of data. Provide the data, which will give a complex view about COVID 19 in each country plus a comprehensive look. The system will allow comparing the situation in different countries in all 8 + 8 variables (total cases, total recovered, total death, total active, trends from all 4 plus compare all "per million ") . Our service will allow to prepare personalize charts, maps, and views that will best fit any user. Our maps will show not only the total cases, but we are preparing the maps, which show all our variables including recovered people and also all compared "per milion "to better understand how difficult the situation is in a particular country relative to population.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of my team; I am proud that we did not give up after COVID stopped all traveling activities; I am proud, that we found the solution to how we can help people better inform about Coronavirus. I am proud that we can help other information providers by giving them our charts, maps and data tables so that they can incorporate them into their websites and information system. I am proud that I am giving a hand in the fight against COVID 19.

What I learned

I learned that I should never give up. I should never stop following my dreams and visions, I learned, that if I believe in my idea, I will always find a way to reach my targets. COVID is just another obstacle on my way. The more obstacles I overcame, the more I will appreciate achieving my objective. If we put our efforts together, we can do it easier.

What's next for Complex COVID 19 charts and maps

We believe that our visitors and customers will take the most from our data, charts, and maps, we believe, that our partners will incorporate our charts and maps into their websites and we believe, we will find the investors, who will help us to continue in our mission. We also appreciate the help of any volunteers either in development, data cleaning, testing or marketing.

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