Social Media like Twitter is becoming very popular among the consumer to log their complaints, suggestion etc. Customers are increasingly moving away from Traditional customer service towards social media to show their concerns. Organizations are proactively monitoring and acting on the social media trends, since these are on public platforms. But, case management and sentiment based tracking has been manual in many cases. So, there is need of streamline process and faster resolution of consumer complaints.


Complaint management application takes all the tweets or post from the social networking sites like Twitter. Ingests them into Appian and does Sentiment Analysis of those tweets and posts. Based on the type of tweet or post it create cases in Appian automatically. Positive Sentiments can be tracked for scores and feedback. Negative Sentiment and Cases will be resolved by respective teams.

Solution Details

We have leveraged Appian BPM tool and its capability to integrate almost with Twitter API to come up with solution to design the process to manage consumer complaints. Now a days every social media platform provides the API which can be used to interact with them. We leveraged Appian's Sentiment Score function and also 19.4 feature of Tags to show the source of the tweets within a single platform.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenges was the connectivity. Every sites have different procedure to connect to them. In order to establish the connection we have to go through whole documentation and understand what and how we can achieve our Goal. Apart from that they have different plans for students, developer and enterprise. We have to choose between these options. The challenge is associated with the social media platform knowledge than Appian platform.

What's next for Complaint Management System

  1. Managing multiple channels of communication in an effective way
  2. Adding new channels like Facebook, LinkedIn for incoming communication and Twilio/SMS for outgoing channels
  3. Integrating with TCS Intelligent Case Management solution

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