applying for jobs is hard and it is often times really stressful and, we all are graduates in the process of job hunting and placements and wanted to make something that can ease the stress and help us in the process

What it does

it allows the user to find the best cultural fit for them in the company they are applying at, it helps to in turn improve productivity and innovation

How we built it

we build it using python and web scraping bots to parse teh various complex company websites and find and save the companies values and culture.

Challenges we ran into

the web bot was a big issue because parsing it into the complex frameworks was a big task, finding a pattern between different company websites.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we learnt a new API in python, made a web scraping automated bot.

What we learned

how to formulate a mission statement into a working MVP, web frameworks and tags, business model generation.

What's next for Compfilter

we aim to launch this as an app after some more developement trials.

Built With

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