The problem your project solves

  • Unemployment and uncertainty are drastically increasing.
  • For students, the chances at the job market are very little due to the crisis.
  • On the other side, Startups need competencies but don't have money in times of crisis.
  • Supply and demand of competencies are imbalanced.

While crisis drives necessity entrepreneurship, more and more new ventures get created, with a need for additional competent capacity. Highly skilled supply is there since the quality of education is also increasing, but overseen. Students have the desire to gain autonomy, take responsibility, and have an impact on the world. If we make use of these conditions - match those two sides - entrepreneurs become the huge driving force in beating the economy out of the crisis.

Our survey showed that the students and startups don’t get matched because no centralized platform is existing yet.

The solution you bring to the table

The CompetencePool is the solution for it - matchmaking at a scale! We make sure that students and competencies can beat the crisis together. The Competence pool matches Startups with Students according to their experience level. More inexperienced students make a job voluntarily. Experienced students get paid jobs by getting matched to startups with the right budget. An innovative skill validation process allows the first proof of competence without having to state all the previous experiences of the CV. The final proof of competence happens then by getting the job done. Afterward, they can get a rating, collect points, level up, and get paid jobs. Social rating, gamification, and certification of the acquired skills allow user retention and the motivation of students and startups to keep engaging to work together.

What you have done during the weekend

During the last 48 hours, we developed the matchmaking platform. We developed the UX/UI Design into a functioning platform with an integrated Back-end. Users can register and the data will be stored in the database. We’ve conducted a customer journey and talked to 7 mentors (Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship TUM, Startup Scout German Accelerator, Entrepreneur and serial start-up founder, Start-up-Consultants, Start-up Support Division at Saarland University) to validate the solution.

The solution’s impact on the crisis

  • Millions of startups can be saved from bankruptcy, by having access to cheap but skilled competencies and volunteering students.
  • We allow +700 million entrepreneurs to continue working.
  • Additionally, we build a strong entrepreneurial community of students which are the future force of our economy and startups.

The necessities in order to continue the project:

We need support through your network. To deploy the Competencepool we need Partnerships with entrepreneurial ecosystems, Accelerator, Incubator, Universities, E-learning platforms, and Bootcamps. Additionally, we need 100.000€ (2 Full-time developers & 1 Marketer) funding to make fast development & marketing possible.

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

We build a community with entrepreneurial spirits with the potential to create resilient innovations. By matching multidisciplinary we ensure a resilient economy. There is a huge market potential with more than 700 million entrepreneurs in the world and 1,29 billion students. More importantly: We train entrepreneurial competencies early enough to create a crisis-immune economy. Students shape the economy of tomorrow; Entrepreneurs are the economical driving force. Let’s invest in a bright economy - please join us to start the entrepreneurial movement!

The URL to the prototype: Register and get connected to entrepreneurial spirits

Thanks to everyone who joined us on our journey and transformed the CompetencePool into reality


We are inspired by any entrepreneur - regardless of successful or failed - because of the impact he has on the world and the contribution to the economy. Especially in the middle of the worldwide crisis entrepreneurs' are wanted and needed for beating the crisis by creating impactful solutions and jobs. Thus, I want to empower an entrepreneurship-led world and enable the valuable competencies of every individual.

The problem: Companies, Startups, their employees, and students are suffering. Some have no work and some too much.

What it does

The CompetencePool is the solution to find a temporary job, based on your competencies to match to the ones who are in the need of these. We are matchmaking at a scale – by matching the challenges of companies, the government, and startups with competencies we ensure the health of our economy. In this way, we save jobs, income, and companies.

How I built it

By using the lock-down efficiently and working together with like-minded people. Technically we built it with react as the front-end Django as the service-layer framework and it has a MongoDB Database.

Challenges I ran into

Project-based: Additional capacity: Python (Django) developer Private: Too little capacity to already have saved our economy :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The business model is transforming into reality. The architecture is defined, the landing page is online.

What I learned

The more the merrier

What's next for CompetencePool

Developing the functionalities of the platform and market-entry

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