Create a win-win platform that engages audiences, creates a supplemental income for rideshare drivers, and delivers conversion for advertisers. We are tasked with giving artificial intelligence its eyes.

What it does

We bridge the gap between the out of home and digital markets by broadcasting interactive and geolocated content in the back of in Uber and Lyft. The customer can purchase products directly from the content. This system analyzes the audience demographics, tailors ads to those individuals and measures their emotional appeal to the displayed content while we utilize IBM's Watson to analyze the data in real-time. When the customer interacts with the ad they are rewarded points that are redeemable to our advertisers.

How we built it

This development infrastructure is built on IBM's Blue Mix. It incorporates both web-based and Android platform.

Challenges we ran into

Spearheading an entire new industry everything has to be created from scratch and cross-reference based on numerous variables that accommodate for the logistics and creating a product that has extreme value to the multiple points this system touches base on.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Strategic Partnership with Square Wallet 100 Vehicle Launch in Las Vegas 9 Advertisers on the Platform 1 Major Brand - Cirque Du Soleil Recognized as one of Lending Trees Most Innovated Company Accepted into IBM's Global Entrepreneur Program

What we learned

Great things take time. You have to be very persistent and have great strategy when executing. We learned we have really built something that is a huge need in the market that no one else is doing.

What's next for Comped Marketing

Scale to 1000 vehicles to accommodate for the needs for larger advertisers. Further, implement our technology and bridge the gap between digital and out of home markets. We see this an ubiquitous platform so another next step would be to integrate this into storefronts and kiosks.

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