We are huge fans of boba. During long study hours, we'd make sure to have one next to each of us. That is why, when it came to big purchases, we'd always compare the purchase to the amount of bobas that we could possibly buy. "You want to buy $200 shoes? That's, like, 40 bobas!" However, we wanted to push the limits and create a website that did that and more.

What it does

Compear is a revolutionary website that allows the user to input their budget, no matter how small or large, and get instant calculations of potential spendings. In its beta release, Compear gives you the option of seeing foods, electronics, or clothes.

How we built it

Compear was built with Adobe Dreamweaver. We used HTML5, CSS3, and PHP5. Animations were done in Javascript. Additionally, to run and test the website, we used Apache. Graphics were all done in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Everything is original.

Challenges we ran into

Uploading the website to came with a singular issue. The PHP page needed to run the Compear algorithm, for some reason, downloads the page instead of executing it. This is why we will be running the page on a local host instead of a public website for the purposes of the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Compear, to put it in two words, is minimalistic and user-friendly. We take pride in the design of the website and the minimal effort needed to use it. Less is more.

What's next for Compear

We want to add more options to Compear, in addition to clothes, electronics, and food. We also want to add the options for users to select the specific item they would want to purchase and see the left-over money they'd have. Lastly, we want to make Compear public to everyone!

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